Issue 45

Jul, 2023

​The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies and the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies have published the 45th issue (Summer 2023) of the quarterly peer-reviewed journal Omran, dedicated to the social sciences. This edition contains the following studies: “Typology of Digital Religious Identity: A Sociological Study of Youth's Religious Expressions on Facebook” by Nadia Elalia; “Insult in Tunisian Political Culture” by Abdallah Janouf; “‘Haratin in Mauritania’: To What Extent Does Social Origin Determine Opportunities for Social Mobility and Status Change?” by Mohamed Yahya Hasni; “Development and Settler Colonialism: Perpetuating Neo-colonial Domination and Apartheid” by Hasan Ayoub & Eleyan Sawafta; “Trans-Territorial Sumud: Refugee Responses to Multiple Systems of Oppression in Burj Barajneh Camp” by Rami Rmeileh. 

Also provided is a translation of Clifford Geertz’s “Distinguished Lecture: Anti Anti-Relativism” by Aoumria Soltani. Two book reviews are also featured: Otmane Atmania's review of A Brief History of Equality by Thomas Piketty; and Ahmed Idrees's review of On the Meaning of Land: Restoring the Palestinian Self by Bilal Awad Salameh.

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In this issue: