Omran is a quarterly, peer reviewed academic journal dedicated to the social sciences and published by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies (p-ISSN: 2305-2473, e-ISSN 2789-3286). First published in the summer of 2012, Omran is overseen by an academic editorial board composed of experts as well as an actively engaged board of international advisers. Publication in Omran is governed by a strict code of ethics which guides the relationship between the editorial staff and contributors.

The name of the journal evokes Ibn Khaldun’s concept of ilm al Omran, often viewed as a precursor to the social sciences. Born out of the perceived methodological and functional crises faced by the social sciences and humanities during an era of massive social transformations sweeping through the Arab region, Omran aims to establish for itself a distinct identity among prominent Arab journals and periodicals, as a journal/project aspiring to build new intellectual trends and schools of thought. It thus seeks to bring about a qualitative leap in its multidisciplinary field (encompassing anthropology, sociology, social history, political science, political economy, population sciences, environment, and development studies), espousing in this an integrated interdisciplinary approach. It views freedom as the guiding principle and ultimate goal of the social sciences, since freedom is the essence of thought, which is also the essence of humanity.