Issue 12

Apr, 2015

The ACRPS has published the twelfth issue of its quarterly peer-reviewed journal Omran, a journal dedicated to the social sciences and humanities. This edition includes the following studies: “The War Remembered: A Look at the Voluntary and Humanitarian Work of Young People with the Lebanese Red Cross in the Outskirts of Beirut, 1975-1976” (Annie Tohme-Tabet), “The Premises of the “Time Gap” in the Intellectual History of Civil Society” (El-Chami El Achhab Youness), “The Demographic Gift and Egypt’s Waste of Human Capital: An Analysis of the Development Challenges” (Mohammed Abdul Rahman Saleh Mahmoud); “A Hybrid Social Security System in the West Bank, 1994-2014” (Ibrahim Farid Mahajna); “The University Intellectual: Why Should We Study the Past?” (Shereen Abou El-Naga). In addition, this edition includes a translation of Saoud el Mawla’s “Community, Society, Culture: Three Keys to Understanding Today’s Conflicted Identities” by Maurice Godelier, translated by Zahra Jaber, an article by Frederic Maatouk on “The Obstinate and Prospective Arab Habitus”, a review by Walid Noueihed titled “A Reading in the Arab Uprisings: Despotism and the Implications of Change”, Abdelkader Latrache’s review of Hashim Nima Fayyad’s “The Moroccan Labor Migration: The Case of the Netherlands”, and Huda Hawa’s analysis “Citizenship, Violence, and Stereotyped Perceptions”, a review of “A Citizen not a Female” by Azza Charara Beydoun. 

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