Issue 15

Jan, 2016

The ACRPS has published the fifteenth issue of its quarterly peer-reviewed journal Omran, a journal dedicated to the social sciences and humanities. This edition includes the following studies: "Tribalism: A Twenty-First Century Anachronism?" (Richard Tapper), "About the Tribe: A Reality with Changeable Dimensions" (Mohamed Tozy); "Algeria: Tribe as a Political Horizon" (Ben Hounet); "The Tribe in Gulf Contemporary Political Concepts: The Kuwait Example" (Yacoub Yousef Alkandari), "Tribes, Tribalism, and Political Identity in Contemporary Syria" (Dawn Chatty), "Iraqi Tribes in the Land of Jihad" Hosham Dawod); "Tribe" as Habitus (Mouldi Lahmar) and "The Debate on University, Citizenship and Democracy" (Azmi Bishara). In addition, the latest edition includes a translation of Maurice Godelier's "Tribus, ethnies et États" translated by Riad el-Kahhal. This issue's book reviews and discussions include Rachid Jarmouni's review of "Fatima Mernissi: A Tribute to the Icon of Moroccan Sociology", Ahmad Jassem al-Hussein's review of Fanon: The Postcolonial Imagination by Nigel C. Gibson and translated by Khaled Ayed Abu Hdeib, Hamid al-Hashimi's review of Sari Hanafi and Rigas Arvanitis' "Arab Research and Knowledge Society: A New Critical Perspective", and Mustapha Ait Kharouach's "The Ethical Approach in Defending Capitalism", a review of  The Morality of Capitalism by Tom G. Palmer. In addition, this issue includes a brief bibliographical guide to the study of tribes in Arab countries.

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