Issue 17

Jul, 2016

The ACRPS has published the seventeenth issue of its peer-reviewed social sciences and humanities journal Omran, a journal dedicated to the social sciences and humanities. The main theme of this edition focuses on “Sociology of Colonial Knowledge Production – The Maghreb Case”. This edition includes the following articles: Tony Ballantyne’s Colonial Knowledge, translated by Thaer Deeb; “Managing Cultural Affairs in Morocco during Colonial Times” (Bouchra Zougagh), “Sociology of Colonial Knowledge Production: Education in Morocco” (Mohamed Faoubar); “Colonial Sociology on Morocco’s Rural Migration” (Abderrahman El Maliki); “The Legitimacy of Conquest and Annexation: Morocco in French Colonial Writings” (Mohammed Meziane);”The State of Syrian Male Workers in Lebanon” (Sabr Darwish) and “Using GIS Technologies and Remote-Sensing Data to Identify Best Locations for Education in Erbil” (Omar Rwandzy).  This issue’s book reviews comprise Mohamed Saba’s review of Spanish Colonial Writing on the Antlatic Coastal Desert, and Mohamed Taifouri’s review of Patrick Haenni’s “Islam and the Market: Dialectic of the Religious and Economic”.

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