Issue 20

May, 2017

The ACRPS has published issue 20 (Spring 2017) of Omran, a journal devoted to the social sciences. In this edition the section on research papers includes: “On the Derivation of Arabic Terminology for Concepts in the Contemporary Social Sciences: Practitioners for Example (Murad Diani); “The Arab City and the Challenges of Urbanization in Societies in Transition: The Case of Greater Cairo” (Fathi Mohammed Musailhi); “Childhood and the Implanting of Values: Deconstructing an Agricultural Metaphor – A Critical Study of Theories of Value Socialization” (Nader Kazim); “Obstacles to the Development of Moroccan Industry’s Capacity to Absorb Foreign Direct Investment” (Mohammed Azrawal); “The Role of the Army in Undermining the Value of Public Space in the Cities of the Arab Spring: The Case of Tahrir Square: From National Holy Place to Place of Violation and Distortion” (Ali Abdel-Raouf); and “The Problem of Building a Unified National Army in a Regionally Divided Society” (Samia Abdel-Qader Sheikh Mahmoud). In the Translations section, the issue incudes Hamid al-Hashimi’s translation of Richard Swedberg’s study “Before Theory Comes Theorizing or How to Make Social Science More Interesting.” There are reviews of three important books: Abdel-Halim Mahorbasheh’s review of “Fuzzy Logic and the Human and Social Sciences: An Applied-Theoretical Approach” by Shahira Sharaf; Mohammed al-Idrisi’s review of “Denial of Cultures” by Hugues Lagrange; and Nadim Mansouri and Shawkat Ishti’s review and discussion of “The Virtual and the Revolution: The Place of the Internet in the Creation of Arab Civil Society” by Jawhar al-Jamousi.

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