Issue 31

Jan, 2020

The ACRPS has published the 31st issue (Winter 2020) of its quarterly peer-reviewed journal Omran, dedicated to the social sciences. This edition contains the following studies: "Subjectivisation and Objectivisation, Etic and Emic in Sociological Analysis" by Mounir Saidani; "Medical and Family Management of Autism Stigma in the Moroccan City of Kenitra: From Denial to Recognition" by Fouad Aarab; "The Development of Social Sciences in the Arab World" by Elia Zureik; "Limits of Rational Choice in the Sociology of Social Movements: The 20 February Movement and the Countryside Movement in Morocco" by Mohamed Naimi; and "An Attempt to Understand Intersections of Environmental Discourse with the History of Critique of Modernity" by Abdelhamid Abidi.

The issue also includes a translation of Bruce G. Link and Jo C. Phelan's "Conceptualizing Stigma" by Thaer Deeb. Ibrahim El-Issawy offers a review of Sustainable Development Teaching: Ethical and Political Challenges by Katrien Van Poeck, Leif Östman and Johan Öhman (Editors), while Nouri Dris reviews Radical Arab Nationalism and Political Islam: Contradictory Products of Modernity by Lahawari Addi. Finally, in the reports section, Abdou Moussa contributes his report on the "Transitional Justice and Democratic Transition in the Arab Countries: Politics, History and Memory" conference.

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