Issue 35

Jan, 2021

​The ACRPS has published the 35th issue (Winter 2021) of its quarterly peer-reviewed journal Omran, dedicated to the social sciences. This edition contains the following studies: “Settler Colonialism in the Palestinian Context: A Paradigm or a Concept?” by Ashraf Othman Bader & Asem Khalil; “On the Origins of Nationalism in the Societies of the Maghreb: Ernest Guellner and the High Culture Concept” by Rahal Boubrik; “Different Perspective of the Informal Housing in the City of Oran: The Basement, Roof, and Transformed Space” by Bachiri Hamza; “Soussi Family Entrepreneurship in Morocco: Leadership Style and Challenge of Continuity” by Fatima Zahra Bouzlou; “Wayside Charity: Ramadan Mercy Tables in Tunis (Metamorphosis of Food Solidarity and its Sociological Implications” by Mehdi Mabrouk; and “Women Victims and Transitional Justice in Tunisia: Shattered Expectations and Partial Recognition” by Adel Ayari. 

The issue also includes a discussion titled “Georg Simmel’s Space Theory: Space as a Priori Condition of Social (Re)construction” by Ahmed Elkhatabi. Three book reviews are also featured in Omran 35 including: Fares Echtay's review of Southern Theory: Social Science and the Global Dynamics of Knowledge by Raewyn Connell; Rachid Benbih's review of The Order of Things: Think about Postmodernity by Michel Maffesoli; and Carlotta Marchi's review of The Middle East: An Anthropological View by Ugo Fabietti. Finally, in the reports section, Omar Almagharebi contributes his report on the Istishraf Symposium “The Future of Demographic Shifts in the Arab World”.

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