Issue 09

Jul, 2014

The ACRPS has published the ninth issue of its quarterly peer-reviewed journal Omran, a journal dedicated to the social sciences and humanities.  This issue of Omran is devoted to economic and development issues, with particular focus on questions of industrial production and includes the following articles: “Social Justice and Public Expenditure in Arab Spring States” (Ali Abdelqader Ali); “Alternative Development Policies in Arab Revolution States” (Darem Bassam); “Rehabilitating Industrial Policy in the Arab world: Past Lessons, Present Challenges, and Future Prospects”( Ibrahim Ahmad Badawi and Sami Attallah and “Small and Medium-Sized Industry in the GCC States” (Mohammed Naji Al Tuni).  Additional studies include “Writing Op-eds in Lebanese Newspapers: The Relative Demise of Public Life of Arab Academics” (Sari Hanafi and Rigas Arvanitis); “The Muslim Brotherhood: Generation Gap in the Post January 25 Period” (Doha Samir). In the discussions and book reviews section Chehab el-Yahiaoui offers an analysis entitled “Spontaneous versus Controlled in Human Action” and Walid Noueihed writes a “Reading the Arab Revolutions: The Risks of a Major Setback”. In the book features section Ziad Muna reviews “Educational Institutions in Arab Ottoman Mashreq” by Fadel Bayat; “Development and Financing in Palestine” by Eyad al-Rabahi; Tahsin Olayyan and Firas Jaber and History in the Arab Skies: Aviation's Impact on the Middle East by Gerald Butt. Finally, Inaam Charaf offers a summary of The Conference of the Lebanese Library Association and the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) on the “iUser DBEvolution: An Information Revolution.” (Beirut, May 20-22, 2014).

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