Issue 10

Oct, 2014

The ACRPS has published the tenth issue of its quarterly peer-reviewed journal Omran, a journal dedicated to the social sciences and humanities.  Articles in this Fall 2014 edition include: “Social cohesion in Lebanon’s Secondary School Curriculum: Effects on Students’ Attitudes” (Maha Shuayb); “Moroccan Islamists on the Civil State: Case of the Justice and Charity Party and the Justice and Development Party” (Hicham Khabbashe); “A Reading on Syria: Deconstructing Syrian Discourse”(Jerome Maucourant and Akram Kachee); “The Oral Discourse of Religious Minorities and Coexistence in the Ottoman Tunisia” (Merimi); “Arab Educational Systems: Current Crisis and Future Challenges” (Rachid Jaramouni); “Rural Development and Agricultural Policies in Egypt: Historical Roots and the Effects on Farmers” (Saqr al-Nour).  In the regular section dedicated to translated works, this issue of Omran includes “Colonial States as Intelligence States: Security Policing and the Limits of Colonial Rule in France’s Muslim Territories, 1920-40”, originally published in French by Martin Thomas. Also included in this tenth edition are “From Post-Colonial State to a Just, Democratic Social Welfare State: The Historical and Social Negotiations and the Paths of Change for Tunisia”, by Murad Dayyani as well as a review of Asef Bayat’s Life as Politics: How Ordinary People Change the Middle East jointly written by Sari and Anas Hanafi. ACRPS’s Inaam Charaf contributed a review of Aleppo and its Territories: The Industry and Politics of a City, 1868-2011, a compendium published by the French Institute for the Near East in 2014. Ahmad Mohammed Salem presents a critique of “Excavating the Legacy of Ibn Khaldun: The Salafi Roots and the Illusion of Arab Modernity”, by Najia al-Warimi. Finally, Ziad Mona provides a review of a number of recent publications with relevance to the Arab world, including: Ervand Abrahamian’s A History of Modern Iran; Control Food, Control People: The Struggle for Food Security in Gaza, by Rami Zurayk and Anne Gough; Nader Srage’s Revolution and the Slogans of Egyptian Youth, published recently by the ACRPS; and Kristian Coates Ulrichsen’s The First World War in the Middle East.

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