Issue 18

Oct, 2016

The ACRPS has published the eighteenth issue of its peer-reviewed social sciences and humanities journal Omran, a journal dedicated to the social sciences and humanities. The issue is comprised of the following studies: “Urban Policies and Social Relations in Morocco” by Abderrahman Rachik; “Creative Urban Chaos in Cairo’s Spaces after the January 2011 Revolution: The Nile Bridges and Maidan Tahrir” (Ali A. Alraouf); “Key Manifestations of Societal Life in the Arab City Under Israeli Colonialism” (Ibrahim Farid Mahajne); “The Algerian City and the Protest Movement: A Sociological Approach”  (Tahar Saoud and Abdelhalim Mahor Bacha) and “Drop in Oil Prices and Attempts of Reform in Rentier States: The Case of Algeria” (Khaled Menna). This edition also includes a translation of Antoine Abdel Nour’s “Road Networks in Ottoman Syria 16th – 18th Century” translated by Saoud El-Mawla. In the book review section, Khalid Chahbar reviewed Sociology of Migration and Urbanization in View of the Structural Paradigm Test by Abderrahman El-Maliki and Ahmed Khouaja reviewed “The Brother, the Parish and the Citizen: The Dynamics of Individual Political Status in Tunisia” by Abdelhamid Hénia. In the report section, Sari Hanafi covers “The Civic Role of Arab Universities” Conference held at the American University of Beirut on April 21-22, 2016 and organized by the Lebanese Association for Educational Studies in association with the Issam Fares Institute.

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