Issue 36

Apr, 2021

​The ACRPS and Doha Institute for Graduate Studies has published the 36th issue (Spring 2021) of its quarterly peer-reviewed journal Omran, dedicated to the social sciences. There are four studies in this special edition dedicated to “Epistemology of the Pandemic.” The articles include “Epistemology of the Pandemic: On ‘Knowledge of Knowledge’ (Body, Culture and Society)” by Darim Albassam; “Covid-19 and Catastrophic Epistemology: Assemblage, Design, Prudence” by Francis A. Beer & Robert Hariman; “The Covid-19 Pandemic in Western Societies and Social Sciences” by Dominique Vinck; “Humankind and the Covid-19 Pandemic: A Challenging Prospect of Intersecting Research Topics and Methodologies” by Benaissa Zarhbouch. Featured in the Translation Section is Aoumria Soltani's Arabic rendition of Paul Ricœur “Is the Crisis a Specifically Modern Phenomenon?‏.” Two book reviews are also featured in Omran 36 including: Abdelkrim Anayat's review of Changing Paths: Lessons from the Coronavirus by Edgar Morin & Sabah Abouessalam; and Habib Derouich's review of Tunisia Put to the Covid-19 Test by Hamadi Redissi (ed.).

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