Issue 42

Oct, 2022

​The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies and the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies have published the 42nd issue (Autumn 2022) of the quarterly peer-reviewed journal Omran, dedicated to the social sciences.

This special issue titled “Sports and Society” includes five articles: “Sport and Politics in the Occupied Palestinian Territories: Political Awareness, Institutionalisation, and Resistive Adaptation (1967-1995)” by Ibrahim S. Rabaia; “Ultras Groups in Tunisia: The Intersections of Sports, Politics and Religion” by Kais Triaa; “Female Professional Athletes in Morocco: Confronting Gender Stereotypes” by Chaimae El Ghazi; “Ultras as a Youth Social Movement: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Moroccan Football Ultras” by Mohammed El Hadifi & Azzeddine Elfaraa; “Ultras’ Graffiti and Constructing Fan Identity: A Study of Symbolic Appropriation of Space” by Wadia Jehouani & Aissa El Ghayyati. Also provided is a translation of Norbert Elias's “The Genesis of Sport as a Sociological Problem” by Majd Abuamer & Yara Nassar. 

Omran 42 features 3 book reviews: Osaid Yousef's review of The World Cup as World History by William D. Bowman; Hamideh Dorzadeh's review of Gender Verification and the Making of the Female Body in Sport by Sonja Erikainen; and Omar Hassan's review of Cairo’s Ultras: Resistance and Revolution in Egypt’s Football Culture by Ronnie Close.

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