Issue 33

Jul, 2020

The ACRPS has published the 33rd issue (Summer 2020) of its quarterly peer-reviewed journal Omran, dedicated to the social sciences. This edition contains the following studies: "Defining by Abstraction: Solving the Problem of Contested Concepts in Social Sciences (the Concept of "Security" as an Example)" by Sid A. Goudjili; "The Hirak Rif Movement in Morocco and the Collective Memory: Acknowledgment as a Beginning to the State's Reconciliation with Its Painful Past" by Mohamed Saadi; "The Impact of Social and Solidarity Economy Initiatives on Rebuilding the Economic Culture of Socially Vulnerable Groups: A Case Study in Tunisia" by Safouane Trabelsi; "Exception of the Exception: Palestinian 'Bare' Education under Colonialism in Palestine" by Lourdes Habash and Ghada  Almadbouh; and "The Shi'i Religious Marja'iyya (Clergy) and the Political-Social Space: A Reading into the Experiences of Muhammad al-Sadr and Ali al-Sistani" by Harith Hasan.

The issue also includes a discussion titled "Manuel Castells and the Concept of the Network Society: An Interpretative Approach to Identity and Power in the Information Age" by Driss El Ghazouani. Featured in the Translation Section is Thaer Deeb's Arabic rendition of Francesca Polletta and James M. Jasper "Collective Identity and Social Movements‏". Two book reviews are also featured in Omran 33 including: Majd Abuamer's review of The Nakba and The Emergence of the Palestinian Diaspora in Kuwait by Shafiq al-Ghabra; and Rachid Zaafrane's review of The Ghris Oasis Colonialism: The Mechanism of Change and Forms of Resistance by Kostani Ben Mohamed.

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