Issue 13

Jul, 2015

The ACRPS has published the thirteenth issue of its quarterly peer-reviewed journal Omran, a journal dedicated to the social sciences and humanities. The issue is comprised of the following studies: “The Relationship between University Education and Democracy in the Arab World” (Amer Mahdi Doko); “A Proposed Framework for the Application of a Human Resources Management Strategy to Achieve Research Excellence in Palestinian Universities in Light of Knowledge Society” (Nidal al-Masri  and Mohammed al-Agha), “The Path to World-Class Research Universities: A Comprehensive Study of Arab Universities” (Allam Mohammed Mousa Hamdan); “The Trade Union Movement of Tunisian University Teachers” (Mounir Saidani); “The Lebanese Environment Movement and Changes to Cultural Orientations: The Case of North Lebanon” (Emile Maroun); “The Social Order of War in Pre-Colonial Baidhani Society: A Historical Anthropological Reading” by Abdul Hamid Fayez. In the book review section, Morad Diani reviews “How the West perceives the Arab Gulf countries?” (Review of Les pays du Golfe - de la perle à l’économie de la connaissance: les nouvelles terres du libéralisme by Caroline Piquet), Fatiha Al Hassani offers “The Problematic of Economic Inequalities in the “New Capital”, a review of capital in the 21st century by French economist Thomas Piketty), and Sophie Richter-Devroe review of Are Knudsen and Sari Hanafi’s “Palestinian Refugees: Identity, Space and Place in the Levant”.

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