Issue 19

Jan, 2017

The ACRPS has published the nineteenth issue of its peer-reviewed social sciences and humanities journal Omran, a journal dedicated to the social sciences and humanities. The main theme of this issue concerns. “Contemporary Tribalism in the Arab World (Part 2). The edition includes the following articles: “Tribe: A Step toward an Arab Anthropological Discourse” (Abdallah Hammoudi); ‘Tribal Belonging Today: Implications and Transformations Explained” (Dale F. Eickelman); “Lamalmin in Beidane Tribal Society” (Salah Eddine Rguibi); “The Structure of the Mind and the Trifunctional Theory of Georges Dumézil” (Yassine Yahyaoui); “Protest in Morocco: Dynamic of Struggle and Transformation” (Elhabib Stati Zineddine).  This issue also comprises a translation of Jean-Pierre Olivier De Sardan’s Emique, translated by Habib Derouiche. In the discussions section, Mohammed El Idrissi discusses Sociology, Political and Social Issues in Paul Pascon’s Work. In the book reviews section, Rachid Jarmouni reviewed “Sufism and Religious Policy in Morocco” by multiple authors and Sari Hanafi reviewed “Salafism and the Neo-Salafis: From Afghanistan to Lebanon” by Saoud el- Mawla.

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