Issue 03

Jan, 2013

The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies (ACRPS) has published the third issue of its quarterly peer-reviewed journal Omran, a journal dedicated to the social sciences and humanities. This edition addresses “Demographic Changes in the Arab World and Development issues” and includes the following papers: “Will a Demographic Revolution Lead to a Democratic Revolution? (Youssef Courbage); Fertility in Iraq: Trends, Developments, and Influential Factors (Hashim Nima Fayyad); “The Faltering of the Demographic Transition in Syria” (Mada Shureiqi); “Egypt’s Demographic Dividend and its Prospects” (Hassan Zaky);   “Women’s Migration and Development: The Case of Women Migrants from Maghreb Countries to Europe” (Aicha El-Tayeb);  “Towards a Sociology of the Demographic Question in the Cultural Discourse of Moroccan School Textbooks” (Mohammed Faoubar);  “Foreign Labor and Identity Issues in the Gulf” (Baqer Alnajjar); “The Reality of Maghreb Emigration and its Transformations’ (Abdelkader Latreche); “The Challenges of Sustainable Human Development in the Arab World” (Tania Faour);   “Demographic Structures in Mount Lebanon (1250-1850): Transformations and Implications” (Nayel Abou Chakra) and ‘The Syrian Shadow Economy: Size, Causes and Effects” (Osama Noujoum). In the discussions and book reviews section Abdel-Rahman Ayas offers “A Reading of ECSWA Publications: Migration from the Arab Region after the Arab Spring”, Nada Makki reviews “Demography and the Lebanese Communities” by Youssef al-Doueihy; Joumana Farhat reviews  “Social and Economic Transformations in Mount Lebanon (1550 – 1900)” by Nayel Abou Chakra; Samir Abdel Rasoul al-Obeidi reviews “Managing Oil Resources: The Norwegian Model” by Farouk Al-Kasim; Dena Qaddumi  reviews Insurgent Citizenship: Disjunctions of Democracy and Modernity in Brazil by James Holston and Abdulhadi Ayyad reviews Shall the Religious Inherit the Earth through Demography? by Eric Kaufmann

In this issue: