Issue 47

Jan, 2024

​The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies and the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies have published the 47th issue (Winter 2024) of the quarterly peer-reviewed journal Omran, dedicated to the social sciences. This issue contains the following studies: “An Unstable Transitional Period: The Transformations of the Hybrid Coalition in Sudan” by Hassan Elhag Ali Ahmad; “Law as a Vicious Circle: Community Protests against the Palestinian Government in West Bank” by Newar Bdair & Rashad Twam; “Social Movements and Protests in Morocco in the Arab Revolution Context: The Dynamics of Identity and the Transformation of Authoritarianism” by Azzeddine El Faraa & Caroline Barbary; “Networked Protest Movements in Morocco: Digital Space as a Field for Shaping the Protest Discourse to the Marginalized” by Raja Jaazaoui; and “Liminality in the Daily Life of Migrants from the Southern Sahara: A Case Study of Guinea Conakry Migrants” by Yousra Benjaa. 

The issue also includes a discussion titled “Dawn Chatty, Mandana Limbert, and the Anthropological Studies in the Sultanate of Oman” by Osman Mohamed Osman Ali & Tahar Saoud. Also provided is a translation of Areej Sabbagh-Khoury’s “Citizenship as Accumulation by Dispossession: The Paradox of Settler Colonial Citizenship” by Aoumria Soltani. Two book reviews are featured: Azza Charara Baydoun’s review of Gendered Resistance by Multiple Authors; and Yassine Haggan’s review of New Women’s Migrations in Africa: Determinants and Dynamics by Rachid Benbih.

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In this issue: